Women's Educational Success Grant Recipient

"I want to thank everyone who has made it possible for this program to be available to us at Cabrillo."


Women’s Educational Success (WES) puts emergency funding in the hands of a student with an unexpected expense — like Jamie Pyle, who received a grant to help with needed car repair.

Jamie Pyle is a single mom with an ambitious dream of starting a non-profit someday. Working on her business degree, caring for her sick mother and getting her children to school was already daunting, but when her car needed new tires, she wasn’t sure how to proceed. “I was really in a predicament. I never got my high school diploma, so I was not eligible for Financial Aid,“ Jamie explained. She was awarded an emergency WES grant of $750 that helped her stay on the road and in school.

jamie and her dog

This year the WES Committee is pleased to award $68,000 — the most ever! The Wedeen Hammer Group at Morgan Stanley has teamed with the Sharanam Foundation with a gift of $10,000 to match gifts to WES of $250 or more.