High Achievers are rewarded

Cabrillo’s Career Technical Education programs, like our Radiologic Technology program, are vigorous and demanding, making it difficult for students to juggle their studies and earn a living. That’s where the Grove Foundation steps in: each year since 2010, the Grove Foundation has awarded 10 promising students $10,000 each to help them get into the workforce and earn a living wage.

The Cabrillo College High Achievers Scholarship for Career Technical Education (CTE) was generously established by the Grove Foundation for highly motivated students enrolled in a CTE program at Cabrillo College. The scholarships are for exceptional CTE students who intend to complete the CTE program within two years and obtain a job in the career technical field upon graduation.

Receiving this scholarship helps students like Thaddeus concentrate and focus on the program, he explains:

My family does not have the monetary means to finance my schooling, and because I had to quit my job to begin this program I had no choice but to take out a student loan.  A major financial weight has been lifted off my shoulders and it frees me to concentrate solely on school work and completing the program.  Also, knowing that I won’t have to pay back as much in student loans once I start working is a great feeling.  Being nominated for this scholarship just catapults my motivation, and I will not let you guys down.  It’s institutions like the Grove Foundation that make the world a better place.  I really look forward to seeing you all at the Awards Ceremony!