Honoring those who give

Sometimes a whack on the head is a good thing

Behind every scholarship that we award each year is the story of a generous individual who wants to help a student succeed at Cabrillo. Last week the foundation honored scholarship donors and heard from a few students who have been impacted by their generosity.

Cabrillo Alumnus, Tim Riddle, (pictured) shared his motivation behind starting the Whack on the Side of the Head Scholarship for engineering students at Cabrillo.

The Whack on the Side of the Head is the title of a book by Roger von Oech. It was required reading in Cabrillo’s engineering design class in 1989. As described by the author, a Whack is an event which causes a shift in your perception, which empowers your creativity and your recognition of the possibilities. Once that Whack happens, it can forever change your path. Doors can open, where doors were not even known to previously exist.

My experience at Cabrillo College was just such a Whack that rocketed me down a path I had never dreamed possible. I honestly did not even know that path existed. I am eternally grateful for the Whack I received. I became a donor to offer that empowering Whack to current and future Cabrillo students.

Tim Riddle
Scholarship Donor